Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogger, Please Save My Blog

I think my patience just left. I was trying to upload this kickass photo so you could see how MISERABLE I am that blogger keeps F---K'n me around and of course, once again the blogger photo uploader is NOT WORKING. Here is the blog I want Blogger to save from destruction: Trouble (Do you think I doomed myself with that title?) Check on it frequently because one minute its there, one minute all of the sidebar is gone. When that happens there is no profile, no about me, no links, no archives, NADA NOTHING.

But really people, this is the least of my worries. Because what I really care about, as much as I need to upload photos like a RELIGION, is to be able to publish content.

Do you think I can do that? NOOOOO M'AM!!

Thursday night I get an e-mail from my friend SpiceHut that she can't view my blog. What the F@#*?! I think and sure enough she is not jerkin' me around. That was the beginning of my Blogger Error Agony. That's a good word for it don't you think. The first error Blogger gave me was 550. Do you know what that means? Because I sure don't. To me, it just means that NO ONE CAN SEE ANYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN!!!

Sorry for yelling at you, but it has been 50+ hrs. without a consistently proper functioning blog and I am LOSING IT PEOPLE!!

My latest error messages besides being able to upload a photo for you right now, is error message 405:
450 Write error: No space left on device 001 Connection resetblog/20/43/11/troublealwayshasadoor/archives/

Now what in cripes sakes (my grammies used to say that but you wouldn't know because you can't read my blog) is that supposed to mean. How would I know?!

Of course, this is blogger's e-mail response to me:
Hi there, Thanks for notifying us of this issue. Due to a temporary problem with ourservers, many users are currently unable to publish and view their blogs.Please rest assured that we are working hard to resolve this issue andprevent this kind of thing from happening again. We sincerely apologizefor the inconvenience and hope to have the problem resolved soon. For further details and updates on this outage, please check our statuspage here: Your continued patience is much appreciated. Sincerely,Blogger Support

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not such a Biatch that I don't appreciate them getting back to me 12+hrs after I ask them a question, but the blogger status shite is bogus. Because, obviously they didn't fix the problem since my little bloggie's still broke.

Next, I go to the forum just like they told me and everyone else has the same problem. Is that encouraging? No, because none of us know how to fix the problem and that is the reason why I am there.

I do notice this guy who very quickly e-mails me at least 6 times over the next hour advising me to delete cookies, change ISP and other assundrious things like: this

Which didn't fix my problem but at least someone was listening to me.

This nice guy who calls himself Chuck , set me up as one of his IM contacts. Nice guy huh? And when I wake up this morning he happens to be awake to. And get this folks:

He has spent over 4 hours im'ing me today trying to help me get my blog back. Now why would you want to e-mail blogger support when you can get friendly, im'ing customer service like that??!! I ask you, WHY????

O.K., I am calming down now. I have put his links on the sidebar so please check him out if you are having problems. Is he God, can he fix it? Maybe not, but you will sure feel a hell of a lot better that somebody cares about your plight.

Please comment and let me know if you are having similar problems.

Please back up your posts and template in case this happens to you.

Please visit any 3 of Chuck's sites (in the links) and comment on his blogs telling him your problems.

Please, please, above all DO NOT DELETE YOUR BLOGGER BABY. Chuck has a great article on why it is not a good idea to do this.

Let's stick together to help Blogger build a better Blogger!!


DWJSDating? said...

Works now. So is this going to be officially the new blog?

LZ Blogger said...

What's with this blog? ~ jb///

spicehut said...

Your original blog seems to be working 100% now...

Are you going to keep this would be a good idea if u do...any one has any more trouble they can post here...or comment could be the 'blogger agony aunt' :)

TJ said...

absolutely full of smiles...TJ