Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogger Status' Latest Story

If you are like me, you had a LOT of problems trying to get your blog published and not look like crap last night. Here's what they are currently saying about it at Blogger Status.

Blogger Status
Saturday, March 18, 2006
A clarification about the filer we restored yesterday: This machine is indeed up and functioning again, so the affected blogs are no longer entirely inaccessible. However, it is still not in great shape and we are in the process of moving all the data off of it and on to better machines. So over the next few days there may still be lingering and intermittent problems for some blogs. This includes the "forbidden" errors we're all getting tired of, as well as occasional publishing errors, or incompletely published pages. If you get an error viewing a blog, refreshing the page once or twice should clear it. For publishing problems, simply wait a few minutes and republish, and that should take care of it. Thanks for your patience while we work on clearing all this up.
Posted by Graham at
08:22 PST

What the - - - -?! Simply wait a few min.? Try a few hours?! You should have seen my sidebar. Once its there, once its not, once it has a title of a post in it. Yikes! And are they saying anything about not being able to upload photos? NO.....let's try that now.....hold on....Nope! Tried twice, surprise, surprise.

Those poor photo bloggers. I hope some of you make it over here to cry on my shoulder!!!

I'm not pissed, only frustrated. I mean, you get what you pay for and I pay nothing. I think I would be madder if I paid big $$ I don't have and get problems w/ crappy customer service.

So.....leave a comment and let me know how things are going for you. Don't forget to save your posts and templates. And, by all means, please link
Chuck in your sidebar, you may need a friend like him someday!!! It pays to learn before you have a problem!!

And, please, PLEASE, keep an eye on my little blog and pray that Blogger will save it PLZ! I love it and do not want me to abort my blogger, baby!!


mysouth said...

i'm sorry to hear about what's been happening. I am glad i went to msn spaces when I did..I really hope that everything goes back to normal for blogger soon as i am always checking your site, love it!
Keep on bluggerin' dear..

Aimee (bugbites) :p

Anonymous said...

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