Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wow!! Blogger Support E-Mailed Me A Personal Question!!

Will wonders never cease!

The photo I wanted to upload here I will include at the bottom of the post so you can see how weird it looks once it passes through Blogger's Photo Uploader. It doesn't look like this in my files, on my other blog or in flick'r. Go figure! I have never had this problem until right now! It's got me feeling like this little guy here on the right!!

On the bright side though, Blogger Support has sent me a personal e-mail asking me to help them with the photo uploading problem, which according to Chuck, is still being discussed in the Blogger Help Forums. Here is the info they were wanting:

Dear CameraDawktor,

Hi there,Thanks for reporting the problems with image uploading. We are currentlyinvestigating some issues regarding this feature. To help us in debuggingthe problem, we'd appreciate it if you could answer the followingquestions:
1) What format are the images that you are uploading? (E.g. JPG, GIF,etc.)
2) About how big are the images? (E.g. 200K)
3) What are the filenames of the images that you are unable to upload?
4) What browser are you using?
5) Are you uploading from Compose or Edit HTML mode?Additionally, please attach the image(s) that you are unable to upload toyour reply.

Sincerely, Blogger Support

I did notice yesterday afternoon that I had better luck with the photo uploader, I tried making my pictures a little smaller in dimension from 12 Megabytes to 770K, and dropped the pixel per inch count from 600 to 200. I don't know if it was luck (Blogger fixing the uploader), or the changes I had made that attributed to my success. I haven't tried drafting anything today on my Trouble Blog, to know what the current status is.

Chuck had a great reminder to us all today:


Chuck said...

I've had the bucket-over-the-head feeling a few times myself, when dealing with Blogger Support.

And I've worked in Technical Support, and had that feeling too.

There are truly two sides to the story.

LZ Blogger said...

I loved the bucket over the head shot! And the note from Blogger about the problems with loading images... they should have just mass SPAMMED all of us bloggers (on blogspot) with the same message! ~ jb///

AL said...

Both pics are sooooo cute!

CameraDawktor said...

Thanks! I like them too. But isn't it weird what Blogger Photo Uploader did to my photo of TSE?

Mary said...

I got that same email from Blogger support yesterday, and I thought I was special. Now I know I'm not. At least they're working on the issue, (maybe).

sometrouble said...

I noticed that when I try to upload photos to blogger, the code just doesn't show up in the edit post window. But if I copy code from another picture that did upload (the same specified size...small, med, or large) and just change the filename part of the IMG tage, that it will usually show up. They seem to be uploading, just the code is not coming through.