Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Backing Up Your Blog


Once again, its problems, problems, problems with Blogger's photo uploader. So yesterday evening on my Trouble blog, and today right here, I've had to rely on flickr. It's just not my first choice of photo insertion tools.

I was visitng
Chuck's BloggerStatusForReal site yesterday and he suggests backing up your blog, especially when you make changes to your template.

With all the problems I've been having lately, I thought that was an excellent idea!

He had already helped me instal
HTrack, so I just opened that up and ran it again. It took 23min. or so, so do it when you have time. I am also going to copy and paste my template to Word. This way, I've got two databases with my blog info if for any reason I have to rebuild it myself....GOD FORBID!!!!


Chuck said...

You have a lot of pictures - I think that's what takes a lot of time.

My main blog, that's 10 times the size of my church blog, takes maybe 10 - 15 minutes. My church blog takes maybe 5 minutes, it's small but has a few pictures. It'll have a lot more pictures after you get done, I hope.
My Main Blog
My Church Blog

Doug Bagley said...

I had some trouble the other day with it too.

LZ Blogger said...

These posts are starting to scare me. I guess the key here is... BACK-UP BACK-UP BACK-UP! ~ jb///

DWJSDating? said...

I had problems lately, too!

It sucks :)

Levin said...

I lost my blog once before. Fortunately, it was at a time when I was already contemplating rebuilding my blog from scratch. The loss of my blog simply pushed me from "contemplation" to "action".

Nonetheless, it's good advice here and I will definitely get cracking on backing up my blog.

Thanks for highlighting! :)

CameraDawktor said...

Good to hear from you, hope you are doing well.

Levin said...

i'm doing just fine. catching up my blog-reading. :)

Mary said...

I learned the hard way to always back up my template when I make major changes. Saves heartache and anguish down the road.

And I, too, have resorted to using Flickr today.