Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh Where, Oh Where Has my Little Sidebar Gone....

Oh Wheeeerrrrreeee, Oh Where can it be?????

Once again my little blog is F'd up!! Just couldn't resist getting a guestbook like Chuck's and of course it wouldn't let me republish. Errors, errors, errors. Now my sidebar is gone.

Sometimes the error is this:

450 Write error: No space left on device 001 Broken pipeblog/20/43/11/troublealwayshasadoor/archives/

Sometimes the error is that:

450 Write error: No space left on deviceblog/20/43/11/troublealwayshasadoor/archives/

I tried to upload a picture for you too see how stoned I look from all these problems and do you think the photo uploader is working??? Do you see a picture here?? Haha, what are all those photobloggers doing? Suffering, I tell you. Suffering.

I should have just left it alone. I shouldn't have touched it, but aren't blogs created to be blogged upon? You'd think............


Jess D'Zerts said...

I've been having these Blogger problems too (well, duh, why would I be special enough to NOT have them, huh?) and one thing I noticed about the sidebar issue is that, if my blog is viewed in Firefox it's fine, but if you view it in IE, the sidebar is sometimes found wa-a-a-ay down at the bottom. I read something about this being a problem with the width of a photo or something, but since Blogger resizes the photo to a maximum dimension of 400 pixels, you'd think it would work with THEIR template, huh? But no. I tried tampering with my template to add a couple pixels to the width, but it didn't seem to help so I put it back the way it was, and advised my readers of the problem and the fact that Firefox is a way cool browser that works better. The picture uploading problems, usually I just wait them out, during which time I sweat a lot and say bad words, of course.

CameraDawktor said...

Hey thanks for stopping. I really should update this, have only been having picture uploading problems lately, so a lot of times I post through flickr.

What i've noticed is that if I have a link that's too long, it will kick the sidebar down, so I make sure the links are in the smallest font size.

Good luck with your troubles, I was annoyed by firefox so I'm sticking with IE for now. I know my buddy Chuck who I mention here recommends firefox too.